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Shimmer Fine Glitter Fabric

Looking to add some sparkle to your projects? Shimmer is the material for you!

Shimmer is easy to cut with standard sharp scissors.
Shimmer is made from non-fraying 1mm thick polycotton fabric topped with Fine Shimmer Glitter particles.

Shimmer can be:
Sewn by hand or machine (we recommend our embroidery sharps needles and 90/14 machine needles)
Use in a die cutting machine with all your Bigz Dies!

Safe for children: Shimmer is made for us, so we specifically asked for it be made safe for childrens items - so if you're making a doll and want to add some sparkly shoes, or a spaceman and want to give it that authentic Star-man look, Shimmer is the material for you!

Shimmer comes in a huge range of sizes so you're sure to find the size for your project.

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